This patented one-hand cream applicator allows you to easily apply any type of cream with just one hand while also keeping your hands clean. Whether it’s diaper cream, sunscreen, lotion and so much more, the uses for this applicator are endless!

The Better Bedder

A better way to start your day! Better Bedder is the fast & easy way to make any bed in seconds. It’s like a giant headband that fits around any mattress that makes making your bed a snap. Loose sheets tuck in to instantly conform to your bed, fitted sheets stay in place all night … Continued

Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes is the best way to freeze and store your leftovers in perfect sized portions! Comes in all different sizes, so you no longer have to waste big batches of soup, sauce, stock, broth and more. It’s the perfect solution to a problem everybody has.

The Pizza Cupcake

They had me at 1st bite! The Pizza Cupcake is flaky outside, cheesy inside, filled with deliciously fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomato. Wrapped in a trade-secret dough that melts in the mouth with the taste of truly authentic Italian pizza. Your new favorite savory gourmet snack! From Italy to the U.S., a secret recipe … Continued


The drink spiking prevention scrunchie that helps protect yourself & loved ones. Simply place the cover over your drink, pop in a straw & enjoy! When not in use, the cover doubles as a hair scrunchie, so can easily be worn on wrist or in hair. It’s machine washable, so it can be used over … Continued

Spark Charge

Portable Ultra-Fast EV Charging: Charge fast, charge safe, charge anywhere! The future of EV charging is portable. This portable charging system generates 15 miles of range in just 15 minutes. That’s 8 times faster than standard wired charging stations.

Hug Sleep

The first sleep solution designed around the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy that can help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer by applying a gentle, calming pressure to your entire body, much like a hug. This helps to reduce anxiety and helps give you a better night’s sleep. 360 Degrees of Calming … Continued

Flex Screen

The coolest, easiest, best window screen ever! All you have to do is squeeze, pop it in and that;s that. Removing it, just as fast & simple. This patented, innovative screen is a game changer.


The world’s first most innovative “free positioning wireless charging pad” by Aira. You can charge multiple devices at a time, and place them anywhere on the pad! No worries about placement or positioning! Get your Base Station Pro today!

The Frozen Farmer

Delicious Sorbets and Froberts! Amazingly low calorie, while decadent and creamy. The sorbets are sustainably made from “imperfect fruit” and under 100 calories the whole pint! Froberts are a combination of sorbet and ice cream that will blow you away!