Flex Screen

The coolest, easiest, best window screen ever! All you have to do is squeeze, pop it in and that;s that. Removing it, just as fast & simple. This patented, innovative screen is a game changer.


The world’s first most innovative “free positioning wireless charging pad” by Aira. You can charge multiple devices at a time, and place them anywhere on the pad! No worries about placement or positioning! Get your Base Station Pro today!

Frozen Farmer

The Best ice cream in the world! This family owned farm run business uses “imperfect fruit” to make the most delicious iuce creas imaginable. Their special secret NICE Cream is 1/3 ice cream 2/3 sorbet less fat & sugar, but all the flavor! Making it Lori’s favorite ice cream ever & guarntee going to be … Continued

Glennon Doyle

Nikki Vianna

Tiffany Haddish

Guy Fieri


Hugo's Amazing Tape

All-purpose self-cling tape: Hugo’s Amazing Tape is super strong, self-clinging, extremely versatile & never stops working! This glueless, reusable tape leaves no sticky residue & is perfect for just about any job. From embroidery & crafting to organizing cables, quick fixes & more!

The Measuring Shovel

Shovel with Built in Measurements: This amazing product was invented by a brilliant and impressive 10 year old! The Measuring Shovel is a patented shovel with measurements marked from the tip of the blade to the handle, giving you the ability to measure the depth, width, and space between your holes….all while planting trees & … Continued