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Mission to Inspire

"If you’re lucky enough to be successful, I believe you have a responsibility to give back"
Lori on the set of Shark Tank with a young girl in her lap in a strong arm pose

Lori Greiner's Humanitarian Efforts

I’m a big believer in Humanitarian causes. Even the smallest acts of kindness and paying it forward can be so impactful on someone else’s life. Here are some of the causes important to me.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – College Scholarships & Mentoring

Lori at a Big Brothers Big Sisters event with two women she mentored

With two of the women I mentor & provided a 4 year full ride college scholarship to at a special event

Mentoring girls & boys in need can be as rewarding to you as it is to them.
I’m proud to work with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles Women In Entertainment Mentoring Program. This amazing program matches top female entertainment executives with underserved high school women during the critically important year that they apply to and get into college. Find out about volunteer opportunities in your area at bbbs.org.

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Inspirational Wall Decals:

I really love kids and want to help them to be inspired, feel good about themselves and know that if they put their mind to it, they can make their dreams come true.
So I took some of my most inspirational quotes, we created poster-size wall decals to give away to schools across our country. The theory: if you see positive, inspiring sayings, you are motivated to feel positive things. What we see and hear daily shapes who we are.

I Can Be

I strive through I Can Be to promote the self-development of kids. Here’s some examples of spending time in schools as I continue to help promote our youth.
This video shares my experience spending time in schools, meeting amazing children and spreading the message that “You Can Make Anything Happen”! I also wrote the song with the help of a talented musician.

Feeding & Connecting with 1st Responders

In an effort to bring comfort, support, positivity and smiles to those fighting on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve been sending food to 1st responders (health workers, hospitals, firefighters, police, EMT’s etc.) as well as facetiming with them to add a personal touch and let them know how appreciated they are.