Beware of Fake Ads

I do not sell or endorse any “Keto” or “Weight Loss” Products and I’m NOT affiliated in any way with these ads.


My image and my name are being used on fake Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google/TikTok etc. ads. Saying that I promote Keto, weight loss, or diet aid products.

I DO NOT sell or endorse any “Keto”, “Weight Loss” or “Diet Aid” Products and I’m NOT affiliated in any way with these ads. These are Fake Ads and Scam Ads. They photoshop their keto product into my hands.

I have spent years bringing great products at great prices to all of you and it breaks my heart that this is happening.

How to report a scam:

If you have, or you know anyone who has, purchased products from these scams, please help report it to:

You may also want to report the incident to your bank or credit card company, as they may be able to block future unwanted payments.

Keto, weight loss fake ad example Fake ad Example Red Adair fake ad example Fake ad Example fake ad example that looks like CNN is endorsing it, titled Fake ad Example

Where to Find Real Lori Greiner Products:

Please always look at my website and note there are 2 places on my website that will tell you the legitimate products that I am affiliated with. The Shark Tank tab & the Products tab. If it’s not there, then I’m not affiliated with it.

We can all help:

Please spread the word and let’s try to help stop people getting hurt. Let your friends and family know that these advertisements are not mine and are false.
Taking action & spreading awareness will help everybody.