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Lori Greiner started with one idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar international brand.

Meet the Warm Blooded Shark
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1,000 Products

United States Patent

120 Patents

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90% Success Rate

The Warm Blooded Shark

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Shark Tank - Fridays on ABC

Lori stars in the 4x Emmy Award winning & 10x Critic’s Choice Award winning show, Shark Tank. Shark Tank is a hit entrepreneurial business show, on ABC, where she invests in companies and helps turn people’s dreams into a reality. She’s invested in over 100 products, with a 90% success rate.

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Bed Talks with Lori

Join Lori LIVE on Instagram each week talking, laughing, sharing, caring all from her and her illustrious celebrity guest’s bedrooms. From everyone’s most comfortable but never seen or shared room, we take a fun peek inside a whole different world in the most relaxed, organic and intimate way – from Bed!

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Lori at a Big Brothers Big Sisters event with two women she mentored

Investing in Others

A great believer that, if you are lucky enough to be successful, you have a responsibility to give back and Lori has been committed to doing so.

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Lori’s production company, Good Place Entertainment has many works underway from television to film to video, exciting things to come!

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